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BSG CEO Vlad Styran’s Interview for GoodFirms

Berezha Security Group is a cybersecurity organization focused on application security, penetration testing, information security consulting, and professional training. Since 2014, the company has completed more than 200 projects for about 100 clients with a 20% hike in revenue, staff, and projects pipeline.

The team of experts at the company provides an offensive mindset and attack experience to help their customers develop a mindful approach to cybersecurity and integrate those principles into all aspects of their business. All mid-and senior-level BSG professionals hold prestigious cybersecurity certifications, and most of them are OSCP-certified. The company’s professional certificates independently prove its ability to offer expert-level application security, penetration testing, and security consulting services.

GoodFirms team had the chance to talk with the company’s co-founder and CEO, Vlad Styran, and discuss its service offerings and how they plan to position their organization in the future.

When asked about how the company started, the CEO  shared that BSG began in 2014 as a cyber security testing company to become one of the best cyber security organizations. He added that the company provides top-notch cyber security consulting services to clients in all major verticals. However, due to BSG’s strong position in application security and penetration testing, over 70% of its clients are IT Product startups and IT Services firms, mainly focused on software engineering. He also made it clear that BSG focuses on its projects by leveraging its permanent staff, with 2-3 exceptions every year, when the phase of the engagement requires external expertise, such as an extensive understanding of AI, formal approach to cryptographic review, experience with specific hardware, and certain other practices.

GoodFirms’ team of experts also asked Vlad to shed light on how the company differentiates itself from the competition; he answered that BSG provides premium services for affordable prices because of its unique approach to cybersecurity assessments. They achieve it by eliminating dull routines from their job using their in-house developed collaboration platform. The team of professionals at the company is called DARTS: Dynamic Application Red-Teaming Solution, and it solves two of the worst productivity issues in this profession. First, the consultants and pen testers do not waste their time writing reports. Second, the customers can access interactive online project progress and deliverables.

The CEO further added that the BSG group caters to different services such as IT Product/Software Development, IT Services/Software Outsourcing, FinTech & Financial Services, Banking services, exceptional Application Security Assessment, Penetration Testing services, cybersecurity consulting, and professional Training. BSG’S customer retention is overall 62%, with 81% in application security services.

Vlad Styran was happy to share that the company has secured a 5/5 stars rating on GoodFirms. Such exceptional ratings have helped BSG secure a prominent position amongst the top IT service providers in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

GoodFirms’ team also inquired how BSG provided support to its clients when it came to addressing their queries and issues. The CEO addressed that a dedicated PMO handles all customer communications throughout a project. They also onboard their permanent clients to the pen-testing platform, where they can collaborate on their research more quickly and reliably than via document exchange. It is called DARTS, and it is Google Docs + Jira for hackers and defenders.

When asked about the cost structure of services as BSG, the CEO replied that their projects are mainly fixed cost, with 50/50 split in advance and post-payment. In a few permanent engagements with monthly billing. He added that they do not have minimum requirements but expect tasks to take at least a week, so there is a natural lower limit to their price tag, which is about 2500 USD.

Styran elaborated that BSG’s min and max costs were about 2500 and 50000 per year, based on the structure and complexity of the project.

Lastly, the CEO affirmed that he’s aiming to make Berehza Security Group a team of at least 50 consultants with an overall staff of about 75 people in the next five years. He added that he plans to increase their marketing efforts and their InfoSec and cybersecurity consulting capacity. Moreover, he is even anticipating expanding their DARTS platform and making it a software product that could benefit others.

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