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Penetration Testing Services

BSG is one of the best penetration testing companies in Ukraine. We apply manual analysis, cutting-edge methodologies, the best pentesting software, and our unique pentest report generation tool.

Penetration Testing Services

The best way to ensure your cyber security is to use vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. The best penetration testing service providers go beyond automated penetration testing services.

BSG vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) services help you quickly reduce cyber security risks and demonstrate a comprehensive penetration testing report to clients, management, and investors. Hire one of the best penetration testing firms today!

Our penetration testing reports contain clear recommendations and strong evidence of discovered vulnerabilities. We have developed a unique software platform that integrates pentesting best practices, best pentesting tools, and a fantastic pentest report generator. With BSG, you get high-quality manual pentest results with the ease of automated pentesting.

Penetration Testing Services

External Pentesting Services

External Pentesting Services

External Penetration Testing services for those who are ready for a real-world cybersecurity challenge. External pentests examine your cyber security defenses by employing expert skills and advanced penetration testing tools. Check if your security investment paid off!

Internal Pentesting Services

Internal Pentesting Services

Internal Penetration Testing services allow you to validate your operating system, network, and corporate software security measures against an attacker who has already gained a foothold in your organization. Test your defenses against persistent threats.

Social Engineering Pentesting

Social Engineering Pentesting

Social Engineering Penetration Testing goes far beyond classic network penetration testing. Instead of brute force attacks and technical exploits, security professionals run phishing email campaigns and other types of social engineering attacks.

Red Team Assessment

Red Team Assessment

Red Team security testing is different from a pentest as it lacks a fixed scope definition and requires a Blue Team to be present. Our red team penetration testing services allow you to continuously train and measure the performance of your cyber defense experts.

Project Details


Penetration test project takes from 2 to 6 weeks to complete.


From 2 to 4 experienced penetration testers.


Managed by the Pentest Lead coordinated by the Project Manager.

Suitable for

Suitable for

  • Any IT infrastructure
  • Private and public clouds
  • Dedicated data centers
  • Public cloud application
  • Server, web, or mobile software
  • Entire corporate network
Applicable to

Applicable to

  • Meet compliance requirements on security pentesting
  • Find and fix security weaknesses in systems and processes
  • Lower the risk of ransomware, data breaches, and hacker attacks
  • Test the efficiency of your Information Security Management System
  • Measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity investment

Project Results

  • Immediate reports of all Critical security vulnerabilities
  • A high-level Executive Summary for top management and clients
  • A non-confidential Attestation Letter to demonstrate publicly
  • The pentest report with clear recommendations on fixing all findings
  • The evidence, descriptions, and steps to reproduce for all findings
  • A free retest of all pentest findings once you fix them

Why Choose BSG?


7 years in business, 200+ projects for 100+ customers.

Free retests
Free retests

Free remediation testing of all issues within 90 days.

15% discount

for all recurring types of services and training.

Certified professionals
Certified professionals


Professional insurance
Professional insurance

Worldwide professional liability coverage.

Manual assessments
Manual assessments

Intelligence and expertise over automated scanners.

Our Certificates

Тop Critical Vulnerabilities

We discover in Penetration Tests


Penetration Testing Services

  • Identify vulnerabilities to fix them and become a harder target for cyberattacks
  • Test your security controls by simulating a real-life hacking attack
  • Get a concise penetration test report with all findings and recommendations
  • Meet the PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR pentesting requirements
  • Get a free retest within 90 days grace period
  • Get a discount for all recurring services

Learn how our security experts helped similar companies

Everyone can get hacked. Hackers can steal sensitive data from a large software vendor and a small online shop via the same security vulnerability. The question is, how do you want to learn about your security weaknesses: from a pentest report or a newsflash?

Kyrylo Hobreniak


OSCP, Security Consultant


What are penetration testing services?

Imagine a cyber threat is a virus in the wild, and a cyber attack is getting infected by it. Then pentesting services are vaccines that train your cyber immunity. Pentesting verifies if the company’s security controls are ready for a real-life cyber attack. Unlike black-hat hacking, white-hat pentesting is a controlled activity that cancels negative business impacts and produces a pentest report.

What is a penetration test?

Penetration testing is a subset of security testing that allows organizations to measure their cybersecurity by running controlled attack simulations. Qualified security experts conduct pentests in a way that avoids negative business impacts. Several professional certifications prove the skills and experience of pentesting experts. To get an independent opinion, companies usually order penetration tests from external qualified service providers.

What are the four types of penetration testing?

External and Internal Pentesting, Social Engineering, and Red-Teaming. External pentesting simulates a cyberattack that originates from the outside of your company. Internal pentesting checks security controls against an attacker who has gained a foothold in your network. Social Engineering examines the human factor, such as staff security awareness. Red Teaming examines your cyber defense Blue Team.

How much does a penetration test cost?

We charge only for the time we spend doing the job. There is no extra cost because of how big your business is or how much money it makes. Project prices vary from 5000 to 15000 USD, the average being roughly 8500 USD. All our customers get a free retest of all the vulnerabilities. We offer a discount for recurring services and a volume discount to regular clients.

How long should a penetration test take?

The penetration testing duration depends solely on the scope size: how many systems, networks, applications, or employees there are to pentest. A typical penetration testing project takes about 2-3 weeks to complete. The report with the penetration test conclusions, vulnerabilities, and recommendations comes during the following week.

Do you guarantee that the penetration test will not harm my business?

We provide penetration testing insurance from outages caused by our actions by having our pentesting services covered by professional liability insurance. We never used it since we had started in 2014 as only experienced security experts conduct all activities. All risky exercises, such as initial exploitation or intensive security scanning, are performed under close control of the customer.

What penetration testing tools do you use?

We use various pentesting tools. From the open-source, such as NMap and John the Ripper, to the best commercial pentesting software, such as Burp Suite. We develop our own tools, too, for instance, an assets discovery system that combines the best reconnaissance and OSINT tools. We have also created a unique pentesting platform that automates our project activities and implements the best pentest report generating tool.

What penetration testing framework or methodology do you use?

We use OWASP, NIST, PTES, and other frameworks, but we select pentesting methodologies depending on the tasks. In our work, it is crucial to maintain up-to-date knowledge of tools, techniques, and methods. We achieve that by promoting and teaching them in the professional community.

Is penetration testing outsourcing necessary?

An internal pentesting team is a good practice of enterprise cyber security, but hiring a third-party pentesting firm might be necessary for several reasons. Cyber security compliance standards require a third-party service provider to ensure system owners and pentesters have no conflict of interest. And sometimes, companies do not have the necessary resources on board, as hiring security experts might be too expensive.

What is better: vulnerability assessment or penetration testing?

Vulnerability assessments identify potential vulnerabilities, while penetration tests find and validate those vulnerabilities to gain access to networks, systems, and sensitive data. Unlike penetration tests, vulnerability assessments are highly automated by vulnerability scanners, produce false positives, and miss the areas that require human professional judgment.