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Application Security Services

We provide top-quality application pentests, application security assessments, and application security consulting services. Improve your software security and prevent data breaches.

Application Security Services

No software code is unbreakable, but there are ways to reduce applications vulnerability: apply application security best practices and run regular application security assessments.

Our application security experts conduct application security assessments in a human-based tools-assisted way. We apply manual tests, dynamic analysis, security source code review tools, and other application security solutions when necessary and reasonable.

Our application security services cover web application penetration testing services, mobile application security testing services, web services penetration testing, implementing DevSecOps practices, and a lot more. We help prevent ransomware, cyber attacks, data breaches, and service outages. Figuratively, we came from the future to save you from hackers.

Application Security Consulting Services

Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing Services

Black-box application security testing checks your software for exploitable vulnerabilities. Web application security services are in high demand as web technologies dominate the Internet. We apply application security best practices, manual pentesting techniques, and the best tools for web and mobile app penetration testing.

Application Security Consulting

Application Security Consulting

To customers who are ready to use application security best practices in the software development lifecycle, we offer a variety of application security consulting services: application security assessments, application security architecture review, and integrating application security software into development processes.

Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling Services

Threat Modeling is asking yourself four questions: What do I do? What could go wrong? How can I fix that? And How can I check if that is enough? We call it an appsec Time Machine as it allows us to imagine future threats and deal with them in the present. And we play it as a game in an online threat modeling tool to make it more fun.


DevSecOps Consulting

At times in the software development lifecycle, speed is crucial. What if there are just a few minutes in the CI/CD pipeline to spend on application security? Try applying DevSecOps best practices and DevSecOps tools, such as static code analysis or dynamic application scanners. Leverage DevSecOps pipelines by integrating appsec into DevOps.

Source Code Review

Security Code Review

Code security review reveals vulnerabilities that pentesters would miss without code analysis tools. White-box appsec testing allows us to leverage static code security tools. The manual evaluation of high-risk functionality adds more efficiency. Combining white-box and black-box application security testing techniques secures the highest quality.

Project Details


AppSec assessment project takes from 2 to 3 weeks to complete.


From 2 to 3 appsec professionals.


Managed by the AppSec Lead, coordinated by the Project Manager.

Suitable for
Suitable for
  • Web applications
  • Software as a Service
  • API web services
  • Mobile apps
  • IoT devices
  • Desktop applications
Applicable to
Applicable to
  • Meet compliance requirements on vulnerability management
  • Find and fix application security bugs in your software code
  • Lower the risks of data breaches, service disruptions, and bad publicity
  • Test the efficiency of Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Measure the effectiveness of your application security investment

Project Results

  • Immediate reports of all Critical application security bugs
  • A high-level Executive Summary for top management and clients
  • A non-confidential Attestation Letter to demonstrate your appsec effort
  • The report with all findings and clear recommendations on fixing them
  • The evidence, descriptions, and steps to reproduce for all findings
  • You are eligible for a free retest of all findings once you fix them

Why Choose BSG?


7 years in business, 200+ projects for 100+ customers.

Free retests
Free retests

of all initial findings in all reports within 90 days.

15% discount

for all recurring types of services and training.

Certified professionals
Certified professionals


Professional insurance
Professional insurance

Worldwide professional liability coverage.

Manual assessments
Manual assessments

Intelligence and expertise over automated scanners.

Our Certificates

Тop Critical Vulnerabilities

We discover in Penetration Tests


Application Security Services

  • Learn how to protect your software from malicious hackers
  • Test your application for security vulnerabilities, find and fix security bugs
  • Get a concise report with all findings and recommendations
  • Fix the findings and get a free retest within 90 days
  • Get a discount for all recurring services

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Every software product earns malicious hackers’ attention one day: be it script-kiddies, cyber criminals, or nation-state APTs. And while there is virtually no way to make software unbreakable, it is worth trying to make those hackers work so hard that they would rather skip to another target.

Ihor Bliumental


Senior Consultant & AppSec Lead


What are application security services?

We provide application penetration testing services for web, mobile, and native applications, and application security assessment services for the secure development lifecycle. Most of our time we spend on the web and mobile application penetration testing. Our application pentests include cloud security assessments and network pentests of the application infrastructure.

What are the ways to secure applications?

There are two approaches to software security: application security vulnerability assessments, and best practices for secure software development. The former aims at finding application security bugs in the software, while the latter applies proven application security practices to the software environment lifecycle.

What is application security penetration testing?

Web and mobile application pentesting is an application security service conducted by appsec experts to find and fix software security bugs. Unlike DAST or SAST scan, application pentest is performed manually by skilled security professionals. We ensure high-quality application pentest results by a creative testing approach, profound business logic analysis, comprehensive planning based on the application threat model, and the optimal project team composition.

How much does an application security penetration test cost?

We charge only for the time we spend doing the job. We do not add extra cost because of how big your business is or how much money it makes. Project prices vary from 4000 to 12000 USD, the average being roughly 7500 USD. All our customers get a free retest of all the vulnerabilities. We offer a discount for recurring services and a volume discount to regular clients.

How long should an application security penetration test take?

The application pentesting duration depends solely on the scope size: how many functions, endpoints, and user roles there are to pentest. A typical application pentest project takes about 2-3 weeks to complete. The report with the application pentest conclusions, vulnerabilities, and recommendations comes during the following week.

Do you do cloud security assessments as well?

We do cloud security assessments and we include a cloud security review in each application security pentest. During this project phase, we search for security vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations in your AWS, Azure, or GCP infrastructure, and ensure it meets the applicable cloud security recommendations and best practices.

What application penetration testing tools do you use?

We use various pentesting tools. From the open-source components dependency checkers integrated with GitHub to the best commercial pentesting software, such as Burp Suite. We develop our own tools, too, for instance, an assets discovery system that combines the best reconnaissance and OSINT tools. We have also created a unique application pentesting platform that automates our project activities and implements the best report generating tool.

What application security framework or methodology do you use?

As corporate OWASP members, we admire their work. We heavily use OWASP methodologies, standards, and guidelines. But we select our instruments depending on the tasks. For instance, a native application pentest would require reverse engineering techniques, and a secure coding practice would need a code security review framework integrated with a code quality process.

Why is an application pentest better than a static or dynamic application security scan?

Automated scans are incomplete and often miss critical findings. Manual security analysis covers the security issues that scanners cannot reveal, such as broken authorization, insecure business logic, insufficient data validation, and many more. Here, in BSG, we do not limit our effort to vulnerability scanners. We use up-to-date hacking techniques, apply relevant security tests, and guarantee the highest quality results without false positives.