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Application Security Services

Let BSG experts find and remediate security vulnerabilities in your web, mobile & cloud applications. Improve software security with application penetration testing!

Application Security Testing

No software is unbreakable, but there are ways to reduce its vulnerability: to code with security in mind and run regular application security assessments.

All our application security assessments and penetration tests are conducted manually by experienced and certified penetration testers. Although we apply reasonable amounts of automation, we value human intelligence, expert intuition, and profound manual analysis over vulnerability scanners and source code parsers.

Lower your business risks by preventing ransomware, data breaches, and service outages.

Application Security Services

Application Pentest

Application Penetration Testing

Application testing checks your software for vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could exploit. Security bugs may allow cybercriminals to steal your customers' confidential data, abuse your application's business logic, commit financial fraud, or completely destroy your business.

Check out your security posture and prevent data breaches.

Source Code Review

Security Code Review

Source code security review finds vulnerabilities that pentesters would otherwise miss. These obscure security bugs take much longer to find without access to the source code. The manual review of high-risk functionality adds efficiency to the overall web app testing.

Get a complete and clear view of your application's attack surface.

Project Details


AppSec assessment project takes from 2 to 3 weeks to complete.


From 2 to 3 appsec professionals.


Managed by the AppSec Lead, coordinated by the Project Manager.

Suitable for
Suitable for
  • Web applications
  • Software as a Service
  • API web services
  • Mobile apps
  • IoT devices
  • Desktop applications
Applicable to
Applicable to
  • Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Finding and fixing security bugs in software applications
  • Lowering the data breach, service disruption, and bad publicity risks
  • Testing the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) efficiency
  • Measuring the effectiveness of cybersecurity investment

Project Results

  • All critical security findings reported on-the-go
  • The report with all findings after the appsec assessment is completed
  • Clear recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability evidence, descriptions, and steps to reproduce
  • One free retest during the 60 days grace period

Why Choose BSG?


6+ years in business, 120+ projects for 80+ customers.

Free retests
Free retests

of all initial findings in all reports within 60 days.

15% discount

for all recurring types of services and training.

Certified professionals
Certified professionals


Professional insurance
Professional insurance

Worldwide professional liability coverage.

Manual assessments
Manual assessments

Intelligence and expertise over automated scanners.

Тop 10 Vulnerabilities

We discover during Penetration Testing


Application Security Testing

  • Learn how to protect your software from malicious hackers
  • Test your application for security vulnerabilities, find and fix security bugs
  • Comply with PCI, ISO, SOC2 & OWASP requirements
  • Get a concise report with all findings and recommendations
  • Fix the findings and get a free retest within 60 days
  • Get a discount for all recurring services

Let us show you how we help similar companies

One day, every software product earns malicious hackers’ attention: be it inexperienced script-kiddies, underground cybercriminals, or state-sponsored APTs. And while there is virtually no way to make software unbreakable, it is worth trying to make those hackers work so hard that they would rather skip to another target.

Ihor Bliumental


Senior Analyst & AppSec Lead


What is application security penetration testing?

Web application security assessment or application pentest is a red-teaming exercise conducted by appsec experts to find and fix software security bugs. Unlike DAST or SAST scan, the application pentest is performed manually by experienced professionals. High-quality results are ensured by a creative testing approach, profound business logic analysis, comprehensive planning based on the application-specific threat model, and the optimal project team composition.

When do I need an application pentest?

An application security testing is required to accomplish the following goals:

  • Validate software security requirements before deploying the application in the production environment
  • Ensure that developers did not neglect the security principles in the software development lifecycle
  • Verify that critical security bugs were not introduced in the application via poor coding practices
  • Satisfy appsec-related requirements of standards and regulations, such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, and HIPAA
  • Ensure that a significant change in application functionality or infrastructure did not introduce security weaknesses.

How to choose an application security firm?

While selecting a professional application security company, pay attention to the following crucial criteria: project deliverables, experience, credibility, and reputation. These points distinguish high-quality application security firms:

  • The ability to readily provide a sample assessment report demonstrates to you the example of possible project outcomes
  • Relevant professional certificates, such as OSCP, AWAE, and eWPTX, demonstrate the team’s ability to deliver high-quality services
  • Excellent client references at Clutch, theManifest, GoodFirms or another similar resource, or the ones directly provided by the firm, allow you to verify their professional reputation
  • Professional liability insurance is an excellent addition to the above, as in this case the availability of your systems would be additionally protected by insurance
  • Contributing to the professional community, such as speaking and volunteering at industry conferences, arranging meetups and webinars, and sponsoring professional events

Why should I get an application pentest instead of a vulnerability scan?

Automated scans are incomplete and often miss critical findings. Manual penetration testing covers the security issues that scanners cannot reveal, such as broken authorization, insecure business logic, insufficient data validation, and many more. Here, in BSG, we do not limit our effort to vulnerability scanners. We use up-to-date hacking techniques, apply only relevant security tests, and guarantee the highest quality results without false positives.

Do you do cloud security assessments as well?

As most applications run on a public or private cloud, we have extended our portfolio with a cloud security review. We provide it in every cloud-based application security assessment. During this phase, we search for security vulnerabilities and insecure configurations in your AWS, Azure, GCP, or other cloud services and ensure you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations, as well as recommended best practices.

How long does an application pentest take, and what is the price?

An average application security assessment project takes about 3-4 weeks to complete; the report with all findings and recommendations comes during the following week. The application pentest price depends on the scope of work and application complexity.

BSG pricing is fully transparent: we do not charge any extra. Moreover, our service package already includes one free retest of all security vulnerabilities during the 60 days grace period. The project's pricing varies between 5000–12000 USD, with an average price tag being roughly 8000 USD. All our customers get a 15% discount for all recurring services.

Are you a Ukrainian startup?
Get a Free Security Health Check!

If you are a startup business, we would be happy to help you succeed by providing a free consulting day with BSG experts.

We help startups prepare for future security challenges by conducting a Threat Modeling session and performing an Application Pentest of the MVP.

As a result, you get a clear view of your product’s appsec maturity and avoid the future cost of meeting security and compliance requirements.