BSG becomes an OWASP corporate member!

OWASP is the most known global non-commercial organization dealing with software security. It was established in 2001 and had been publishing its famous application security risks rating – the OWASP Top 10 – since 2003. The number of OWASP initiatives and chapters is continuously growing, making it the leading contributor in application security methodologies and a prominent industry think tank. Do you feel like Berezha Security has a strong connection with OWASP? That’s correct, and here’s why.

In Ukraine, OWASP has several chapters in the key cities. The Kyiv chapter was founded in 2017 by Vlad Styran, Berezha Security co-founder, and Ihor Bliumental, who has since joined Berezha Security as Application Security Lead. As our company shares similar views on application security and lists global security improvement as a part of its mission, we have been active OWASP supporters since then. Our consultants are often among the speakers at various OWASP events and webcasts, and Vlad has recently joined the global OWASP Chapter Committee. So it was a logical next step for Berezha Security to become a corporate member of OWASP Foundation.

If you follow our blog, you might have read about our plans to launch a new brand. We are listed in the OWASP member directory already under the new brand name – BSG. So don’t be surprised 🙂 Corporate membership is not only a public commitment to the information security industry but also a funding source for OWASP projects and global events. By the way, OWASP has recently announced discounted membership for start-ups, which allows newly founded companies (younger than two years) to become members on more favorable conditions. Well, unfortunately (or fortunately) Berezha Security is no longer a startup and is not eligible 🙂 

We encourage you to follow the OWASP events, use OWASP projects, support OWASP chapters, and get the most out of this powerful free source of knowledge on software security.

Stay up to date and take care.

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