Vlad Styran – a member of OWASP Chapter Committee

Vlad Styran is a member of OWASP Chapter Committee

We are glad to share the news – Vlad Styran, a co-founder and VP of Berezha Security, has become a member of the OWASP Chapter Committee. With our AppSec Lead Ihor Bliumental, Vlad founded the OWASP Kyiv Chapter, and under their leadership, it became one of the most visible contributors in the OWASP organization. OWASP Kyiv is a strong supporter of OWASP Ukraine and NoNameCon conferences and represented Ukraine in the OWASP Chapter All Day 2020 event.

Now Vlad, as part of the Committee, will help other chapters globally to thrive. Also, he will help local chapters in the promotion of their advantages to the communities and individuals. One of the Committee’s deliverables is a Chapter Leader Handbook. It aims to provide chapter leaders with a manual about starting a chapter, organizing a chapter meeting, handling their chapter finances, and many other topics that come up in the course of running a chapter.

We wish Vlad success in his new role. And rest assured, that this volunteer activity is not impacting his contribution to Berezha Security. So Vlad’s involvement in Berezha Security management does not change in any way.

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