Free Startup Security Health Check

Startup Security Health Check – a free consulting day from Berezha Security for Ukrainian* startups.

We decided to offer a one-day workshop to Ukrainian startups to test their security level. Free of charge.

The thing with startups is not that they do not spend money on security, but that in their case, it is justified. Startups succeed very rarely, so investing in security early on is entirely unprofitable for them. And when they achieve success, it is usually too late, and they have to redo everything.

The solution to this problem lies on the surface: we have to exclude one variable from this equation – the money. We let Ukrainian startups to spend one day in a company of our software security experts. What can we do in just one day? At least:

  • a threat modeling session of the most critical use cases,
  • interviews with key developers,
  • and a security test of a prototype or MVP.
Startup Security Health Check

As a result, the team gets an unbiased picture of their appsec readiness and the security of their product. Why? To avoid having to re-engineer the product before entering a regulated market. To have an answer for security-related questions of potential investors. And to properly evaluate the product’s threats, test the team’s aptness to counter them, and plan for future security investments.

We hope so we can help creative developers encounter fewer pitfalls on their way to success. Take care.

* The service is free of charge for companies with Ukrainian registration.

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