Cyber Security Monday

First-ever BSG Cyber Security Monday

Black Friday is over; what did you get yourself this year? We bet it is nothing cybersecurity-related, but we hope to be mistaken 😀 

But if we are correct, there is still time to fix it! With BSG Cyber Monday, or rather Cyber Security Monday

We had a challenging year this time, but we still have made it a success. Mysteriously, however, with only a month left in 2021, we have a free time slot for one cyber security services project in our schedule. This has never happened to us before, as December is traditionally a super busy season for a cyber security services company. Well, there is always a first time for everything.

So today, it is time for our first-ever BSG Cyber Security Monday offer! The first company* to reach out to us and order security services that start and finish during December 2021 will enjoy an unprecedented discount of 20% off our standard rate. And if this company is one of our existing clients, we will make it 30%!

Get in touch with us and get a boost for your cybersecurity for the best price. BSG provides application security services, penetration testing services, and developer application security training. Visit our website for the complete list of cyber security services or contact us directly:

*This offer is valid until December 1, 2021, and does not apply to the deals that are already in our sales pipeline.

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