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Beat tomorrow’s cyber threats – today

BSG started up in 2014 as a cyber security testing company with the goal to become one of the best cyber security firms. We provide top-quality cyber security consulting services to clients in all major verticals.

Developer Application Security Training

We are a cyber security services company that helps prevent data breaches and cyber attacks by reducing software, systems, and cultural weaknesses. We came from the future to save you from hackers.

Why BSG?


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completed projects


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IT security compliance
Cyber security compliance

Our services fit cyber security compliance standards.

Free retests during 90 days
Retest free of charge

We include a free retest of all findings in all our penetration tests and security assessments.

Certified security experts
Best cyber security certs

Our experts hold top cyber security certifications.

Manual penetration testing
Manual penetration testing

We automate where needed, but we do not rely on vulnerability scanners and pentest automation.

15% discount for recurring services
Discounts for recurring services

Discounts apply to all recurring penetration tests, security assessments, and security training.

Professional insurance
Professional liability insurance

Prevent business disruption. Our services are covered by global professional indemnity insurance.

Our Certificates

Cyber Security Services

Application Security

Application Security
  • Eliminate application security vulnerabilities
  • Protect software code from cyber threats
  • Get an appsec maturity level review
  • Prove your security to clients and investors
  • Meet external cyber security requirements

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing
  • Comply with cyber security standards
  • Prevent ransomware and cyber attacks
  • Validate your cybersecurity solutions
  • Avoid data breaches and security incidents
  • Demonstrate effective security investment

Security Consulting

Security Consulting
  • Compliance with cyber security regulations
  • Get assistance with incident response
  • Get help during third-party security audits
  • Lower your cyber insurance premium rates
  • Optimize your cyber security investment

Security Training

Security Training
  • Teach secure coding to developers
  • Learn web application pentesting skills
  • Get cyber attacks and social engineering drills
  • Coach top managers on strategic cybersecurity
  • Learn from one of the top pentesting companies

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IT Product
IT Product

Build more secure software, eliminate security vulnerabilities, and protect your customers' data.

IT Services
IT Services

Apply cyber security compliance standards and prevent ransomware and cyber attacks.


Meet industry requirements and prove your security to clients, investors, and financial institutions.


Protect funds, assets, customer data, image, and reputation to ensure the partners and clients trust.

Financial Services
Financial Services

Meet national and industry regulatory requirements and achieve a secure and resilient level of service.


Protect customer PII and sensitive data, prevent fraudulent transactions, outages, and data breaches.


Meet the demands of applicable healthcare and PII regulations and protect sensitive medical records.


Protect customer data and PII, prevent fraudulent activity, and defend against cyber attacks.

Game Dev

Prevent service disruptions and protect the business against service abuse, fraud, and terms violations.


A security assessment is very difficult to evaluate. However, we do have quite a bit of experience doing penetration tests with other companies, so I know what to expect out of these engagements. They performed so well that they're now set to return for a second project.

Christian Buerger

CEO, Auditi

Berezha Security Group opened our eyes to a lot of things that we weren't even aware of. They came up with a summary of what they were able to achieve and the holes they found in our system in a report that covered our infrastructure and software. They pushed us into taking security a lot more seriously, encouraging us to create a security organization within the engineering department.

Odafe Ojenikoh

Software Engineering Manager, Unifonic Inc

With the help of Berezha, we've diagnosed all pending issues on our production servers and closed 50% within the first week. We felt that Berezha firmly upheld their promises and delivered the test on time, on budget, and with excellent communications. We look forward to working with them more in the future.

David Abrams

Co-Founder & CEO, Demio

Our goal is to become one of the top cybersecurity firms, but remain one of the best cyber security companies to work for. To get there, we provide high-quality consulting services, develop our own cyber security platform, and work hard on improving the cybersecurity profession.

Vlad Styran

Vlad Styran

Co-founder & CEO