Critical Vulnerabilities We Had Found in 2019

Berezha Security is a rather small offensive security consultancy focused around high quality of results and long-term partnerships with every client. However, we find a lot of bugs, too, so we try to keep you up to date with what we find. Last year we listed Top-5 flaws that have let us into the clients’ infrastructure. This year we have decided to publish all the bugs that made us stop all pentesting activities, report the findings, and work with the clients to fix them as soon as possible. We rate this kind of bugs as Critical and deem them as all-stop events, the same way we treat finding an “incident in action” or obtaining access to large amounts of highly-sensitive data. So the bugs that made us freeze in 2019 are.

Free Startup Security Health Check

Startup Security Health Check – a free consulting day from Berezha Security for Ukrainian* startups. We decided to offer a one-day workshop to Ukrainian startups to test their security level. Free of charge. The thing with startups is not that they do not spend money on security, but that in their case, it is justified.Continue reading “Free Startup Security Health Check”