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Ukraine’s Cybersecurity Strategy at NoNameCon

Kostiantyn Korsun has opened this year’s NoNameCon cybersecurity conference with the talk titled “Where is my strategy, choom?”.

During his speech, Kostiantyn shared his impressions and thoughts about the new  Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine 2021-2025. The document’s status remained unclear from May 14 until August 26, 2021. There was no Presidential Decree that should approve the Strategy, so that the Strategy couldn’t be legitimate.

Kostiantyn Korsun analyzed the Strategy and identified and mentioned the positive and negative aspects.

They were as follows:

– The National Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities in the system of national security of Ukraine;

– The aggressive and hostile role of the Russian Federation was emphasized and described unambiguously.

Watch the recording of Kostyantyn’s presentation on YouTube.

Below are the statements to be mentioned:

  • The document states that implementing the previous Cybersecurity Strategy 2016-2021 does not exceed 40%. Is that true?
  • The National Cyber Security Coordination Center will play a key and unifying role in the process of ensuring the cybersecurity of Ukraine. Would it work in Ukraine?
  • The Strategy identified the problem of a low digital literacy of citizens and a lack of understanding of how to be safe in cyberspace. At the same time, Mykhailo Fedorov, currently serving as the Minister of Digital Transformation, launched a broad campaign for digital literacy; however, the Strategy doubts his efforts’ efficiency. 
  • Why should trust be an essential basis of the cybersecurity public-private cooperation model?
  • Much more juicy information about the Cybersecurity Strategy for 2021-2025.

To summarise, the new Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine 2021-2021 looks much better than the previous Strategy 2016-2021; however, it is still far from the actual needs and challenges of modern Ukraine.

The full-length recording of the talk is already available on YouTube. Enjoy!

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