How to invest efficiently in cybersecurity? (Return on Security Investment)

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How to invest efficiently in cybersecurity? (Return on Security Investment)

Are you a top manager, business owner, or CISO, responsible for your company’s information security? Do you want to understand how much you should invest in cybersecurity, and what is more important – how to measure the efficiency of security investment (ROSI)? 

Do you want to know how much other organizations invest in a corporate security of small, medium, and enterprise businesses in Ukraine and the world? And what are the indicators you should follow when evaluating your company’s security program?

We will help you deal with these and other difficult questions, different points of view and find some answers on the webinar by Berezha Security Group professionals.

Questions to discuss:

  1. What should CISOs and top managers know about Return on Security Investment?
  2. Average costs of corporate security for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.
  3. Investing in cybersecurity: how to showcase the effectiveness? 
  4. Leading indicators of cybersecurity investment effectiveness on practice.
  5. Are there any “secrets” of effective cybersecurity investment?
  6. What cybersecurity strategy will bring the best Return on Security Investment?
  7. Strategic services for planning a cybersecurity program.
  8. Questions and Answers.

Data and time: 27.04. 2021 (Tuesday) at 6:30 p.m. (Kyiv time)

Free to join by registration link: 

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.

Our speakers

Vlad Styran, CISSP CISA, Co-founder & CEO, BSG

Vlad is an internationally known cybersecurity expert with over 15+ years of experience in Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, and Security Awareness. 

He is a BSG Co-founder & CEO and responsible for business and cybersecurity strategies. He could help businesses with consulting services in software security, cybersecurity awareness, strategy, and investment. Also, he acts as a speaker, blogger, podcaster in his volunteer activities.

Andriy Varusha, CISSP, Co-founder & CSO, BSG

Andriy is an experienced top manager in IT-audit, consulting, and IT project management by leading outsourcing teams in Ukraine, Poland, and the USA. He also is keen on building customer relationships within the US, UK, and Western Europe geographies. At BSG, he leads the BSG advisory practice and consults development teams in all aspects of cybersecurity.

Who we are?

Berezha Security Group (BSG) is a Ukrainian consulting company focused on application security and penetration testing. Our job is to help companies in all aspects of cybersecurity. We complete more than 50 Penetration Testing and Application Security projects yearly, so we know the business security vulnerabilities across the verticals. We help our customers address their future security challenges: prevent data breaches and achieve compliance.

Our contacts: [email protected] ;

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