BSG among the Top Cybersecurity Company

Clutch: BSG is one of the Top Cybersecurity Companies for 2021

Clutch, a market analytics and B2B reviews platform, designated Berezha Security Group as one of the top 2021 cybersecurity consulting companies. We are humbled and proud to receive this award and are grateful to our customers for the highest testimonials rating: 5 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews. The review rating proves our ability to provide our clients with the highest-quality application security, penetration testing, professional training, and cybersecurity consulting services.

“We are excited to be named an industry leader and one of the best performing cybersecurity service providers of 2020. It confirms our dedication to providing top-quality consulting services and defeating our clients’ future cybersecurity challenges – today.”

Vlad Styran, Co-founder & VP, Business Development, Berezha Security Group

Since 2014, Berezha Security Group has delivered over 180 projects to more than 80 clients worldwide. Our company’s core expertise covers all aspects of application security, network and social engineering penetration testing, professional cybersecurity training, and IT security consulting.

To provide world-class expert professional services, the BSG team achieves and maintains the most challenging cybersecurity certifications: OSCP, CISSP, CISA, etc. Using our project enablement platform, the Dynamic Application Security Red Team Simulator, we achieve the highest efficiency of project execution. Applying Threat Modeling to all our engagements, we reach the highest precision in planning and conducting appsec assessments, penetration tests, and professional training.

At BSG, we focus our attention on bringing our customers the highest quality of results. Combined with our optimal pricing, innovative approach to project delivery, and high speed of projects completion, it secures us a leadership position in the cybersecurity market. A mindful approach to cybersecurity consulting services wins us the best customer reviews.

Our achievements would not be possible without the clients who entrust us with the cybersecurity of their business. We are thankful to all our clients who agree to convey share their reference on Clutch. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Berezha Security Group was thorough in its approach, covering multiple angles and communicating clearly with the internal team. They performed so well that now they’re set to return for a second project.

Christian Buerger, CEO, Vispato

Thanks to Berezha Security Group’s efforts, the client could diagnose and fix the issues on their production servers. The team’s workflow was smooth, and the communication was thorough, especially for reports and findings. They delivered outputs on time and within budget.

David Abrams, Co-Founder & CEO, Demio

If you wish to get an independent assessment of your security posture, drop us a line at, and we will get back to you with the best the security market can offer.

Cybersecurity threats are sometimes invisible. Well, they are most of the time. To see them, you need to look at the big picture with the hackers’ eyes. That is why we build long-term relationships with our clients: to help them see the otherwise unknown threats, develop a risk-aware mindset, and integrate security principles into all aspects of their business.

“Defeating tomorrow’s security challenges – today!” – is what we believe in Berezha Security Group.

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