Remote Work Security Audit – a Need or a Habit?

The pandemic has changed the way we do business and it certainly changed the way we do security audit and remote work security assessment. Read how we do it remotely without compromise in quality.

Difference between application security, security audits, and penetration tests

In cybersecurity, several terms are closely related to each other, such as application security, security audit, security assessment, and penetration test. They are often misunderstood even by cybersecurity professionals. We must speak the same language as our customers and colleagues, so we decided to elaborate on them. Hopefully, you will be able to distinguish them when done reading this post.

Заява з приводу інциденту у компанії SoftServe

Останнім часом ми отримали ряд запитань про кіберінцидент у компанії SoftServe. Дякуюмо всім за увагу та турботу. Ми не будемо коментувати факт компрометації інфраструктури SoftServe, адже це прерогатива керівництва цієї компанії. Натомість хочемо надати факти, які стосуються компанії Berezha Security у цьому контексті.