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BSG Sponsors OWASP 20th Anniversary Celebration

The BSG mission is to help our clients develop more secure and reliable systems. To do so, we help companies directly – by providing world-class application security and cyber security consulting services, and indirectly – by advancing the cybersecurity profession and contributing to the cybersecurity industry.

So, we are proud to announce that BSG is a sponsor of the OWASP 20th Anniversary Celebration – a virtual global event held on September 24, 2021!

What is OWASP?

OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project. It is a global non-profit foundation that unites regional chapters, application security professional events, open-source software tools, and methodology documentation projects. Projects, chapters, and events work together to advance software security globally and promote application security ideas and practices in the software development and cyber security industries.

OWASP has remained the foundation of the application security body of knowledge and the appsec professional community through the years. OWASP standards and guidelines help software developers build safer and more reliable applications. OWASP tools and methodologies empower security professionals to ensure these applications are harder to abuse by malicious hackers.

OWASP Flagship Projects 

You may have heard about OWASP Top 10 security risks, OWASP SAMM application security practices guidelines, OWASP Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG) manual, or OWASP ZAP web security scanner. These are the leading OWASP projects that drastically influence the cybersecurity industry and improve application security across the field. OWASP projects are open-source, and virtually everyone can participate. All you need is to visit the project page, learn about who maintains the project and how the development goes, and then join the corresponding repository as a contributor.

In our work, we use several OWASP projects in every job we do for our clients and in our own internal product development. We apply OWASP WSTG in every web application security assessment to cover all of the major web application security issues and stay organized in our work. OWASP SAMM is the go-to database of application security practices that help us empower our clients in their Secure Development Lifecycle initiatives no matter what stack of technologies they are using. We also use it as our SDLC training material, as the model is clear, straightforward, and easy to implement in real life.

OWASP Membership: Individual and Corporate

OWASP consists of individual and corporate members, who support it by donations, and volunteers, who donate their time and effort to develop tools, create methodologies, organize events and support the Foundation. We at BSG are committed to improving our clients’ cyber security in every possible way. Thus, our security professionals are individual OWASP members, and BSG as a company is a Corporate Member starting 2020. By the way, Berezha Security Group is the first Ukrainian cybersecurity company to support OWASP globally.


But our history with OWASP began way before 2020. Our experts are the founders of the OWASP Kyiv chapter. Many of our colleagues are currently the leaders of OWASP Kyiv. Everyone had presented talks or workshops at the Ukrainian OWASP meetups. And BSG has sponsored OWASP Kyiv events and the OWASP Ukraine security conference many times.

OWASP helps software developers, security professionals, and project managers gain the necessary knowledge to improve the application security of their products. It is very much in line with what BSG does, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a greater effort!

How to join the OWASP 20th Anniversary Online Celebration?

This year OWASP celebrates its 20th anniversary, and we are happy to be a part of the family. You can join the celebration by registering on this 24-hours live stream, listening to world-renowned keynote speakers, networking with your peers, and interacting with event sponsors. 10k+ of attendees from around the globe are anticipating. The global software security movement needs the attention of every cybersecurity expert, practitioner, and company, and we are all in. 

Meet you at the birthday party!

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