BSG Did an Application Pentest for UBMDR

BSG Did an Application Pentest for UBMDR

BSG does over fifty application security assessments and penetration tests a year, and we do not usually update you on each of them. But this time we will because for us it is a special case.

We have conducted an application security assessment and security code review for the Ukrainian Bone Marrow Registry. UMBDR is an online registry of individuals willing to be considered bone marrow donors. The non-family donorship may be life-saving in the cases of leukemia and other severe illnesses that require bone marrow transplantation. The donors are saving the lives of people they may never know personally. This is an act of ultimate humanitarianism to be admired.

And UMBDR is a charity fund that makes it possible. They are a team of volunteers who popularize the bone marrow donorship in Ukraine and have created an online registry where the donors can apply. The registry helps patients in need of transplantation find matching donors in situations where time is critical. UMBDR contributes to bone marrow transplantation being possible in Ukraine: not so long ago, it was not. So as the donors themselves, the fund saves lives too.

We cannot save lives that effectively with appsec, pentesting, or cybersecurity consulting. But we can help charity funds and non-government organizations stay safe from cyber threats while doing that. That is why we regularly provide pro bono pentests and cybersecurity services. Among other things, this allows us to promote the ideas that these beautiful people bring to life, which is a sufficient reward in and by itself, thus no payment.

If you are a private individual, please visit the UMBDR website and donate. Or check with your doctor if you have any contraindications, and apply for donorship. If you are a cybersecurity firm, please consider providing your services free of charge to charities. And if you are a digitalized charity organization, let us know. It would be our honor to help you stay safe out there.

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