White-box vs Black-box Penetration Testing Webinar

Grey is the new Black Webinar

White-box vs Black-box Penetration Testing Webinar

What is a black-box penetration test, and how come that a lot of people get it wrong? What is a white-box pentest, and how is it different from a black-box? What is gray-box testing: a point on a spectrum between black and white or a combination of two?

I bet you do not know the correct answers to all of these questions. But do not worry: no one does. This is why we have recorded this webinar and put it out on YouTube.

Thank you to all of you who have attended our webinar! It was an excellent experience for the hosts and a fruitful discussion for everybody. We have covered a lot of ground and cleared out our professional opinion. And most importantly: we have put it on record, so now we can direct the interested audience to the YouTube video below.

Webinar video

The penetration testing efficiency debate is far from being over. But we believe that yesterday we have made a good contribution, dissolved a few misconceptions, and clarified a few uncertainties.

We will continue to learn from our professional experience. If our views change, we will update you in a future webinar. So stay tuned, subscribe to this blog, our social media accounts, and our YouTube channel.

Also, at the end of the webinar, we had some time for a mini-lottery. We have identified the winner of a YubiKey that we are eager to send out; however, we do not know where. So Andrii, please check your email spam folder and help us with the logistics if you read this. Thanks!

The Grey Is the New Black webinar presentation.
Vlad Styran

Vlad Styran is an internationally known cybersecurity professional with 15+ years of experience in Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, and Security Awareness. He currently holds OSCP, CISSP, and CISA credentials and was certified as C|EH, ISO27001LA, and many more throughout his career. He is a notable blogger, podcaster, and conference speaker. At BSG, Vlad is responsible for our growth and customer experience. His involvement allows us to deliver first-rate cybersecurity consulting services in software security, cybersecurity awareness, cybersecurity strategy, and security investment.

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