Berezha Web Application Pentester Training

Today we are announcing our Web Application Pentester Training course. Berezha has provided Secure Development Awareness training in the corporate setting for a few years now. Today, in addition to this business product, we launch a training program that every individual could join. What is the goal, and what is the difference?

The goal is simple: we want more professionals to join the field of Application Security. The profession is continually growing, and the demand for a skilled workforce doesn’t seem to reduce soon. Especially given the circumstances: the pandemic has caused an urge for the digitalization of every business process out there, which many companies perform in a panic rush. These tendencies increase our workload in the long run.

The difference is even simpler: teaching our clients’ developer teams is not enough. We want to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who has the same passion for security and hacking, and this is just another way. In addition to our constant support for OWASP Kyiv and NoNameCon, which we have built together with our fellow professionals, we are adding one more way for the new folks to join the security profession.

So, if you are at the beginning of your application security journey or if you are working in another branch of cybersecurity but want to familiarize yourself with web application testing, you have an excellent opportunity to reach your goals with our help.

Please get to know more by joining us at our first free lesson on May 13, 2020. We will show the training lesson workflow, present the course schedule, and answer your questions.

Updated on May 28, 2020. The recording of our test lesson is now on Berezha Security YouTube channel:

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