Berezha Security has Rebranded to BSG

Berezha Security becomes BSG: New Identity – New Achievements

Berezha Security has rebranded to BSG – Berezha Security Group – and we are happy to present our new identity, which better reflects our company’s philosophy and values we carry in the world.

“Defeating tomorrow’s security challenges – today” became the BSG mission.

We like to think about ourselves as time travelers from the future who help organizations avoid disastrous cyber incidents.

Berezha Security team

The rebranding reflects our striving for growth. It became a logical next step in the BSG development as it highlights our profound knowledge, experience, and professionalism in the cybersecurity industry.


Berezha Security Group is a cybersecurity consulting firm focused on application security, penetration testing, cybersecurity consulting, and professional training. Our job is to implement cybersecurity practices in all aspects of clients’ businesses to eliminate security weaknesses, prevent data breaches and ransomware attacks. Our clients will never require the same amount of security we wish they had. But we strive to make security an essential part of their business strategy.


Since Berezha Security founding in 2014, we completed hundreds of successful projects, gained a reputation as an industry leader in Ukraine, and extended our influence to international markets. Thus, our fast-growing cybersecurity team required an identity redesign to bring the brand to a new level. As a part of this rebranding, the abbreviation BSG (Berezha Security Group) has replaced the full name.


To make a brand transition in a balanced and professional way, we have cooperated with a reputable design boutique – Gutsulyak.Studio. To realize the idea – BSG website design and development, we managed to find Implex studio, which guided us through all stages to a working product. Our joint team was tasked to rethink an existing brand in the international cybersecurity market context and create a concise but recognizable new brand style.

The new design had to bridge traditional corporate culture with a more liberal and informal cybersecurity enthusiasts’ lifestyle.

We were overwhelmed with numerous cybersecurity stereotypes during the research stage, some of which you can see in the picture below.

Most googled cybersecurity stereotypes.
Most googled cybersecurity stereotypes.

Therefore, the main task was to find a new image that would be untrivial yet appropriate.  We used the second-level associations in our icons set – fingerprint, lightning, umbrella, checkmarks, etc. We pursued the goal of the style to be recognizable but not too smooth.

Second-level associations, used as icons: fingerprint, lightning, umbrella, checkmarks.
Second-level associations, used as icons: fingerprint, lightning, umbrella, checkmarks.

The core idea of the new brand is the algorithm as it describes systems, business processes, and cooperation. Security an algorithm, too – the one that is built into the object it protects.

The algorithm is the core of the BSG new brand image.
The algorithm is the core of the BSG new brand image.

The Gutsulyak.Studio team thoroughly analyzed the state of design in the cybersecurity industry, its image integrity and consistency, typography, illustrations, photographic series, colors, and tones. Then, they have constructed a way to present the new BSG brand most effectively.


The classic company logo had the Berezha symbol central to it, and one of the rebranding goals was to retain the symbolism and modernize it.

Each system, application, or business process can be described as an algorithm. Security is an algorithm too, and it must be built into the target it protects. An algorithm chart has inspired the new logotype composed of three different containers. We have created several dynamic combinations of the logo to develop the algorithm idea and highlight the brand’s character. With our logo, we declare the BSG’s deep understanding of our customers’ needs, thorough analytical approach, and creative business culture.

BSG logo combinations
Dynamic combinations of the new BSG logo.

For informal applications, we created a playful 1337-themed version of the logo. Here the BSG letters are replaced by the numbers in hacker “leet-speak”: 856.

1337 BSG logo
A LEET (1337) version of the BSG logo.
BSG Logo Stickers
Stickers with the BSG LEET (1337) logo version.


The BSG rebranding is almost complete, with the new website out now. Visit it here and enjoy the updated BSG style and all the latest company information and business materials now online. 

Most importantly, the new identity fully reflects our company’s mission and goals, which we have built over the years of successful work.

We believe our values, ideas, experience, and security principles will be adopted by our customers and integrated into all facets of their business.

Contact us at when security gains priority in your business. We will be there – ready to help. Stay safe.

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