Congratulations on Successful CISSP Certification, Andriy Varusha!

Andriy Varusha, a co-founder & CSO at Berezha Security Group, is officially CISSP now! The vendor-neutral CISSP certification assures the breadth and depth of technical knowledge and experience to manage the overall security posture of any organization to protect it against evolving cyber threats.

Top 5 Popular Misconceptions about Cybersecurity of Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Despite the increased focus on securing the business, discussions about some cybersecurity misconceptions take place, as many are still controversial. These myths can lead small businesses to make dangerous decisions about securing their data, leaving them open to attack. Do you still believe a small business is unimportant as a target or cybersecurity is too expensive and not cost-effective?

Вебінар “Побудова ефективної системи кіберзахисту бізнесу”

На вебінарі ми розвінчаємо основні міфи про кібербезпеку та поговоримо про практичні кроки з побудови ефективної системи кіберзахисту вашого бізнесу.

How to invest efficiently in cybersecurity? (Return on Security Investment)

Are you a top manager, business owner, or CISO, responsible for your company’s information security? Do you want to understand how much you should invest in cybersecurity, and what is more important – how to measure the efficiency of security investment (ROSI)?  Do you want to know how much other organizations invest in a corporateContinue reading “How to invest efficiently in cybersecurity? (Return on Security Investment)”

Penetration Testing Grows Due to Remote Work

Cybersecurity professionals are requested to conduct more penetration tests and security assessments focusing on remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before. With the rapid transition to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizations’ attack surface has evolved, and security measures could not remain unchanged. Businesses that care about their cybersecurity haveContinue reading “Penetration Testing Grows Due to Remote Work”

Web App Pentester Training: запуск курсу 20 квітня— BSG

Анонсуємо запуск курсу — Web App Pentester Training від професіоналів з тестування веб-додатків компанії Berezha Security Group. Старт 20 квітня 2021 року. Якщо Ви розробник програмного забезпечення, DevOps-інженер, QA-тестувальниця та маєте бажання зануритися у кібербезпеку – цей тренінг для вас! За 2 місяці навчимо шукати, експлуатувати та документувати вразливості безпеки в сучасних веб-додатках, оформлювати звітиContinue reading “Web App Pentester Training: запуск курсу 20 квітня— BSG”

Clutch Acknowledges Berezha Security Group as Top Cybersecurity Consulting Company for 2021

Clutch, a B2B reviews platform, designated Berezha Security Group as one of the top 2021 cybersecurity consulting companies. We are humbled and proud to receive this award and are grateful to our customers for the highest testimonials rating: 5.0 based on 28 reviews. The review rating proves our ability to provide highest-quality application security, penetrationContinue reading “Clutch Acknowledges Berezha Security Group as Top Cybersecurity Consulting Company for 2021”