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856 Running Hackers Club

It’s good to have a hobby. It’s better if you share it with someone. It’s even better when you share it with colleagues and rediscover your teammates. And the best thing is when it helps you to stay fit and a little bit healthier.

It turned out that part of the Berezha Security team enjoys running. So no wonder we decided to participate in one of Ukraine’s most remarkable sport events – the Wizzair Kyiv City Marathon, virtually held in early November. Let’s see whose photo you like the most 🙂

The Berezha Security virtual running team consisted of Vlad Styran, Andriy Varusha, Anatolii Bereziuk, who took the Half Marathon distance, and Serhii Korolenko, who hit his first formal 10k. We want to congratulate Anatolii, who managed to do the Half in less than 2 hours and became the fastest on our team. And you can see us in the below pictures – tired but happy.

Of all sports, running is probably the most universally accessible; despite age and your location, you can have a run most of the time. It gives you some time off the grid and allows you to concentrate on your inner self while challenging your outer limits. From our experience, it even allows us to solve issues that have been stacked, don’t matter job-related or some routine tasks. Who knows, maybe this year’s Kyiv Marathon was the beginning of a new runners club… Would you run with us?

Taking the chance, we would like to announce the creation of a runner’s club – 856 running hackers. We will be glad to see other people from the cybersecurity industry and just friends joining us in this hobby. We believe it will help us stay healthy and fit, contribute to good things (running events usually have charity goals), and inspire each other for better results. While we are adding this community to the social networks and sports trackers, you can already let us know if you’d like to join. “Two legs good, four legs better” – the famous quotation may have a new meaning. 1712 legs would be just good 🙂

Stay fit, healthy, and take care.

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