Vlad Styran and Andriy Varusha at running events

856 Running Hackers Autumn 2021 Season

While humanity seems to recover from the recent pandemic, amateur athletes are getting back at it too. And the BSG roadrunners are no exception. Vaccination progress allows us to take part in mass real-life sports events. And we swiftly seize the opportunity.

A week ago, two BSG co-founders took part in two long-distance runs held simultaneously across Europe. On the same day of October 17, Andriy Varusha finished in the Cracovia Royal Half Marathon, while Vlad Styran ran the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon. For Andriy, it was a usual activity, as he regularly takes part in running events, but still, running in a crowd feels like a holiday now.

It was a dream come true for Vlad, as this edition of the marathon has been delayed several times since April 2020. No matter how hard you train and prepare for a long-distance run, it is always challenging and sometimes forces you to reach your limits. But few runs a week help our 856 running hackers members to stay fit and deal with such distances.

Long-distance running is the best metaphor for life and one of the practical ways to discover yourself. It is also a good model for cybersecurity efforts. While penetration testing could be compared to a 5k or 10k run, maintaining a large software product’s application security is similar to a full marathon. It is always challenging, often painful, and sometimes tragic. But if you train well and prepare yourself for the challenge – it is intrinsically rewarding in the end.

We like running, and we hope you like it too. If you do, you are welcome to join our run club on Strava. We call it 856 Running Hackers, but its membership is not limited to BSG team members or red-teamers in general. If you are reading this, you are most probably eligible. So join up, and let’s hit the road sometime. See you at the finish line.

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