Berezha to BSG rebranding

Berezha Security is 6 years old! What’s next?

Berezha Security turns six years old! Indeed, this year was the weirdest one with its challenges and all the changes happening in the world. However, it was still a good year: we completed over 50 projects and continued to grow.

Our co-founder Vlad Styran recently brought up a few memories of how the company was founded in 2014. It was not a typical business startup; it was rather a lifestyle endeavor. We base Berezha Security on the principles that quality comes over volume, value over cash, long term benefits over short-term yield. It allows us to be a reliable partner, a durable employer, and a consistent community contributor throughout these years. And our client feedbacks prove that in the best way. We plan to keep these principles untouched. However, we do want to give you a heads up on what is coming next.

When we founded the company, the name and the brand were chosen rather opportunistically. Through all these years, we have built an emotional connection to it we hope you did too. Nonetheless, we have decided that we need a little bit of change for future growth and a better reflection of our vision. The new brand name will be very much connected with the current one, but at the same time renewed. We are still working on its details, but we already know – it will be great. Probably it will be the best birthday present for us, so just wait for it 🙂

We are glad to be such a strong team of similar-minded professionals, and we are looking forward to the 7th year of our journey together. Happy Birthday to us!

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